Strange times


Looks like we are just going to have to continue online for a while until our meetings at branch and regional level can be resumed, so here is hoping that the pubs and clubs hosting our meetings are still in existence.

There is definitely a need for safeguarding our elderly and susceptible but the one size fits all approach from our government is exposing our institutions to a lot of strain.

The police are having a field day - They think they have a holiday from fighting crime so that they can concentrate on easy targets and are doing ridiculous things like randomly stopping motorists (always the easiest of targets) and stopping people from escaping city centres and exercising miles from anyone in the country. There is one thing for sure it has proved that we definitely do not have a shortage of police.

We should concentrate our efforts on safeguarding the vulnerable groups but as far as possible allow the UK economy to function or the cost to us all at the end of the day in lives and welfare will be much worse than the effects of the virus.