Major UKIP NE Reorganisation

March 2021 News update.

With 2020 bringing a situation where branch meetings could not be held because of Government regulations, we have seen a significant reduction in members across the region leaving a reorganisation inevitable. There is still a desperate need for a party of the people as we constantly see the major parties paying scant respect for the average man in the street. We intend to re consolidate by dividing the North East into 4 major regions with the aim of building back to branches in every constituency. The North East covers from the Scottish Border down to Yorkshire to the east of the pennines and the four regions will be North Tyne, South Tyne & Sunderland, County Durham and Teesside inc Redcar. The reorganisation is headed up by Richard Elvin who now represents the North East on the National Executive Committee and has the vision and influence to develop the UKIP brand.