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Local Elections 2019

Local election candidates in your local areas including North Tyneside, South Tees, South Tyneside, Stockton and Sunderland.


North Tyneside

Battle Hill Ward - Gary Turnbull

I am “proud” to be from a working class background, not private school or university educated, however a wealth of knowledge & lifestyle skills have been acquired by interacting with “real people”at community level.

I have been actively involved with other like minded people in the support of raising money for various charity’s mostly comprising of local children along with volunteer projects in and around North Tyneside.

I firmly believe councillors who are elected by the people should always place the needs and priorities of those people first, before any council procedure or political party allegiance.

Elected by the people, for the people.



Cullercoats Ward - Pamela Hood

I have lived in Whitley Bay since I was nine years old apart from a five year gap when I got married and lived in South Beach, Blyth.
I have two children and two grandchildren who all live in Whitley Bay so I consider myself very lucky.
My introduction to Politics was through a school debating society which made me do some searching. At that time I was Conservative and a member of the Young Conservatives in my youth. My first vote was whether we should join the Common Market or not – a Yes/No vote. I voted NO as I considered that the United Kingdom was strong enough trading with Europe as it was and also the Commonwealth so why change something that worked.
I am still of that same belief as the Common Market which developed into the EU has done nothing for this country apart from cost us in more ways than one - our laws, our freedom and our democracy and we want it back.
We now have more problems than enough and it all stems from the EU. I continued to feel that I felt UK should be out of the EU and the only party who felt the same way as me was UKIP. I read their manifesto and I was astonished to find that there is nothing in their manifesto that I disagree with. So I joined UKIP and so far have not regretted doing so.



Wallsend Ward - Tony Kearney

I live in North Shields and my wife is a local nurse.
I joined UKIP in 2013 and stood for election last year.
I have spent much of my life boating and sailing, most recently to the high Arctic.

I am passionate about the revival of the Maritime Industries, fishing, leisure boating and shore based industries.

The EU has destroyed the fishing industry but Tony Blair and all following governments have destroyed land based marine industries with the 40% tax plus Vat on Red Diesel.

As your Councillor I shall fight for all your interests.



South Tees

Normanby Ward - Chris Gallacher TD

I am standing again in the Normanby ward in the local elections, a ward I have campaigned in the last time we had local elections and feel there is still need for change. UKIP does not impose national policies on local areas but local issues are our priority. I hope you believe as I do in a better and more efficiently run council where you have a voice. If so vote for UKIP and me.


Guisborough Town Ward - Kathleen Latchford

I've lived in the area all my life, and have seen the steady decline of services due to the austerity cuts. Living in Guisborough  town,  I'd like to do my best to help improve things where ever I can. I've  been a UKIP member for several years, and believe they are the true BREXIT PARTY. 

Our council at the moment are mainly Labour run. I think it's time for fresh input.



South Tyneside

Biddick & All Saints Ward - Neil Hickman

I have lived in South Shields almost all my life and have recently moved back into our ward of Biddick and All Saints.

I attended both All Saints Infants and Juniors then went onto Brinkburn Comprehensive.

My priority, if you elect me as your local UKIP councillor, is to win back your trust in your local servants, with transparency, honesty and integrity.

I would do everything in my power to save our local hospital from any further cuts or closures and call for a full independent enquiry into the closure of St. Clare’s Hospice.


Harton Ward - Oliver Wallhead

It is my great privilege to stand as the UKIP candidate for Harton. As the elected representative for the people of Harton ward, it will be my sole aim on the council to listen to their goals and concerns about how they wish their ward to be run. My constant aim being solely to enrich the lives of the local residents and their families. I look forward to meeting with local residents and working for them, for a better tomorrow.


Hebburn Ward - John Barker

An ex serving soldier who has served his country in Northern Ireland and the Falklands Conflict, I joined UKIP because I am passionate about what is happening in our political system and feel very strongly about our taxes being wasted on EU wages, pensions and entertainment.  I am heavily involved in charities and raised £4,550 for Tiny Lives in just 3 months.
I feel our political parties have let us down totally and are seriously out of touch with real people like YOU and me.  If elected, I will do my utmost to bring openness and transparency into Sunderland City Council to ensure the people of Sunderland's council taxes are not being wasted.


Shildon and Dene Valley Ward - Alan Breeze

A Breeze - A breath of fresh air.

With a lifetime experience including growing a company from nothing to over 300 people, followed by web developing & CCTV installation, Alan has the drive and imagination to improve the lives of people in Shildon and Dene Valley.
Alan is part of UKIP the only party to be trusted to do as it says. At local level UKIP candidates are not constrained by party policies and are free to take the best course of action for the situation in hand.
He promises to work hard for local people, holding weekly surgeries to engage with problems affecting them.

Alan Breeze Shildon and Dene Valley DCC Candidate


Spennymoor Ward - Bob Purvis

Bob has spent a large part of his life serving Queen and Country with the Green Howards and now wishes to serve the good people of his home town Spennymoor. A self-employed HGV driver, Bob brings the discipline of an army PT Instructor to work relentlessly for the people of Spennymoor within Durham County Council. As a UKIP candidate Bob is not constrained by party policy in achieving successful outcomes. Bob will hold weekly surgeries in Spennymoor to discuss and progress people’s concerns regardless of their party allegiance.



Billingham North Ward - Paul Christie

Paul Christie is standing in the Billingham North Ward, 70 years old and a Billingham local.
paul is a retired M&E project manager and an electrical engineer by trade and likes horse racing, boating and sea fishing.
Paul says "I am standing for UKIP as I am sick of corrupt, self serving politicians".
If elected to Billingham North, Paul's objective is to prioritise local issues and within UKIP he is able to do this free from interference from UKIP head office.

Paul C


Barnes Ward - Allison Allen

I decided to run in the local election as a UKIP candidate because, like so many people in the UK, I can clearly see our councillors and MPs from the 2 major parties  have forgotten they were elected: “to serve the people’.

Sunderland City Council needs to be transparent and accountable for its actions. The longstanding culture of rewarding failure must stop and if elected I will fight to achieve this and work with local people, listen to their concerns and try my hardest to ensure their voices are heard. People of Sunderland, please realise you will only get change if you change the way you vote.  Vote UKIP.



Castle Ward - Linda Hudson

More than 40 years of Labour representation for Sunderland has done nothing for Sunderland or for our Country, even when it was in power in Westminster.
Labour and Conservatives were complicit in getting us into the Common Market and its underhand change into the European Union, which has more power over us than our own government.
Please vote UKIP in the 2nd May Sunderland elections – let’s show Sunderland and Westminster we are not happy with how this country has been served.


Copt Hill Ward - Reg Coulson

Having lived and spent all my working life in the Houghton area I have seen many changes. Houghton was a pleasant small town until the sixties when it was cut in half by the new A690 road.  Church Street, one of the most picturesque streets in the County, is a dead-end car park now.
The next folly was the bus station in the wrong place – demolished.  Then a block of flats in the Mautland Street area – demolished and replaced by a shopping area and yes, you guessed it – it was demolished and the site now is a Lidl store.
Question: What have these disasters in common?
Answer:  All under a Labour Authority.  
Why support failure?


Doxford Ward - John Defty

Green belt/field sites have been granted planning permission.  Brownfield sites are laid to waste.  Money is squandered on vanity projects such as the new bridge and now a new Civic Centre is being built. Massive pay offs and gagging orders are reportedly used. Not a single head rolled when the Social Services failure was finally exposed and still there is no improvement.
It’s time to stop this madness. It’s time to do what’s right for the people instead of toeing a party line as our Labour councillors do.

UKIP councillors do not have to toe a party line.  They do what’s right for the people.


Hendon Ward - Martin Moore

Being a secondary teacher of 10 years standing, I understand the need to promote balanced viewpoints.
What I see happening in mainstream politics now concerns me.
Freedom of speech is under attack, our elected officials are behaving like a corrupted ruling class rather
than paid civil servants, and the dishonesty of the media means we are constantly bombarded with misinformation that disarms people in making informed balanced decisions.  I will of course work tirelessly to represent mylocal constituents with their daily issues and local needs, but I will also take a stand against corruption and political correctness whenever possible.

Martin Moore

Hetton Ward - Michael Hopper

I’m new to politics and it’s fair to say that I’m not a career politician. It wasn’t my intention to stand as a candidate in the local elections.  So why have I?
I asked myself a question: ‘how bad does it have to get before you do something?’. The answer was ‘this bad’!
If elected as a UKIP councillor for Hetton I will work tirelessly for the people and would like to introduce ways of making Sunderland City Council more efficient, encourage inward investment without raising council taxes or cutting the Social Services budget.  I feel it’s time for a fresh approach which I believe I have.


Houghton Ward - Sheila Quigley

Living in Houghton all my adult life I have seen what can be achieved by THE AMAZING PEOPLE of Houghton but I have also seen many areas that are lacking. With this in mind I really want to be your representative for Houghton and I believe UKIP is the Party that can bring about change. Since joining UKIP I have met some amazing, passionate, hardworking people, who have a common goal of simply doing what’s right and what’s best for OUR AREA. UKIP is a Party of real people, working hard, giving up their time to improve the city.


Pallion Ward - Michael Gutowski

Originally from Yorkshire, I've lived in the Sunderland area for the past 25 years and will be talking with the people of Pallion leading up to the election to find out first hand what THEY want from me as a UKIP Councillor on Sunderland Council, if elected.  A vote for UKIP on 2nd May is not only sending a message to Sunderland Council that the people of Sunderland want openness and transparency but also a message to Westminster that we want our vote to Leave the EU to be implemented.


Redhill Ward - Keith Jenkins

Born in Southwick one of eight children and living in Redhouse, I have lived in these wards all my life.
I am standing for UKIP in these elections because I’ve seen the cut backs in Sunderland City Council services and the community spirit slowly drain from working class people while money is being wasted on vanity projects like the new bridge and the tall ships fiasco and hundreds of thousands of pounds are spent on pay offs and gagging orders to protect Council employees and councillors.  I want to stop this and, if elected, will fight to do this and meet with residents all year, just election time.


Sandhill Ward - Hugh Clinton

I'm a local man, born and bred and, if elected as a UKIP councillor for Sandhill, I will serve my community all year round to fight for residents' voices to be heard on issues I know they are concerned about: rising council taxes, parking, speeding, street lighting, protection of our green belt and bringing our parks back to life. I will meet residents regularly and work for them and try to bring our communities back together and bring openness and transparency into Sunderland Council, something which I feel has been sadly lacking for a long time.


Sandhill Ward - William Cowie

A Sunderland born and bred man who grew up in Southwick. I am a recently retired Police Officer who has just returned to his home town from Liverpool.
I am proud to represent Sandhill Ward in the forthcoming local council elections.
I will seek to work hard for the people of Thorney Close, Hastings Hill, Grindon and Springwell  and will ensure I stand against the Labour's incompetence in running the council.
I will look to promote a safer environment, more regeneration and investment in the ward and work actively towards more affordable housing.


Shiney Row Ward - Richard Elvin

Richard, a former primary school teacher who now runs his own travel business, has served for 14 years as an unpaid parish/town councillor, 3 of them as chairman.  He knows what is required from a councillor to represent his Shiney Row constituents and ensure improvements to services and the local environment are implemented.  Richard feels one party politics always results in stagnation and apathy and it’s time for new ideas and initiatives.  He believes councillors should strive to provide a better life for residents and wants to put an end to "political posturing" where Councillors appear more concerned about staying on their "gravy trains" rather than representing their constituents.


Silksworth Ward - Kay Rowham


A UKIP veteran of nearly 20 years, Kay has campaigned for the UK to leave the EU and get UKIP councillors into the Civic Centre.
She says “The only way to achieve transparency and accountability in Sunderland Council is to end its Labour stranglehold and culture of rewarding failure. No heads rolled for the failures of Social Services and here we still are with little improvement.
A vote for UKIP on 2nd May will show Sunderland City Council we’ve had enough and send a message to Westminster that UKIP is on the front foot again and we still want a proper Brexit”.


St. Anne's Ward - Pamela Mann


I have lived in Sunderland for 40 years, 20 as a St. Anne's resident. I stand as UKIP candidate because I believe our community needs change, and new policies for our people!
I stand for Democracy and a free NHS. I am indignant about cuts and closures in Social, Mental, Disability and Welfare Care in Sunderland. I believe we need increased funding and support, and robust safeguarding for those in need.
I strongly support affordable Social Housing, adequate Policing for our community and improved Education and Training for our youth.

Don't just hope for a better future. Vote for one!



St. Chad's Ward - Alan Davies


Living in East Herrington for nearly 20 years I can see the problems that St Chad’s face – problems that our council are neglecting.  It’s a great place to live, but anti-social behaviour, littering and the existential threat to our parks are of concern to St Chad’s residents and are of great concern to me.  I see this daily walking my dog.

The two-party political system has had its day.  Labour and the Conservatives, together with the EU, have devastated industry in Sunderland and are in the process of turning the UK into the laughing stock of the world.  UKIP are the only party that wants to implement Sunderland’s referendum wishes.  Voting for UKIP in these elections will make a strong statement.

I was born and bred in Sunderland and spent 14 years as a technician in the Royal Air Force.  I care deeply for my city and my country and intend making a difference if elected.


St. Michael's Ward - Ian Walton

I’m born and bred in Sunderland and, if elected, intend to do my utmost to improve the lot of its people in every way possible. We lack so many things in this city, particularly leisure facilities.  Council Tax has risen on average twice the rate of inflation but with no discernible benefit to us and the responsibility for this should be brought to bear. I stand as a UKIP candidate.

Sunderland played a historic part in the Referendum result and both Labour and Conservatives are striving to overturn it. UKIP is the only party which will honour the Referendum result in full.


St. Peter's Ward - Ian Lines

I grew up on a Council Estate and served a traditional 5 year apprenticeship. I then went on to obtain a University degree in Sociology and Anthropology and an Honours Research Degree in Social Psychology.

With extensive experience in the public and private sectors as well as running my own business, if elected, I will work with the UKIP team to use my experience to challenge over 40 years of Labour led stagnation in Sunderland and work to restore the wealth, wellbeing and opportunities for all.  

Let's Get On With It Together.


Washington Central Ward - Erland Polden

I stood for the Council several times as a UKIP candidate. The last time was four years ago. When the brexit referendum voted 'leave' I thought the job was done.   How wrong can you be?! It is clear that the only way we will truly get to leave the EU is with a government that sees the job through. It starts at local level. The more UKIP councillors there are the more the pressure on our local MPs to listen and act.   A vote for UKIP is needed more than ever.

So fight back – vote for Erland Polden.

Vote UKIP!



Washington East Ward - Hazel Whitfield

I have lived in the North East all of my life. I am married  and have two daughters and three grandchildren. I studied politics up to degree level. I worked as a civil servant for 23 years until retirement. I joined UKIP in 2018 because I feel they are the only choice politically to influence and make people aware of "the Vision of the European Union "

Since the Brexit vote there has been an assault on democracy by the UK government. The European Union vision is for Europe to become a single country containing all the nations that are members of the Union.

EU laws cannot be amended. The Conservative and Labour parties promised to honour the referendum vote in their manifestos for the 2017 election. Sadly parliament has denied the democratic wishes of it's citizens.


Washington North Ward - Tony Ormand

I came to Washington in 1969. My family were born, brought up here and have lived here ever since. What happens in our City is vitally important to me.

We live in the 37th most deprived Local Authority, life expectancy is below the National Average and so are Education levels and House Prices.

In Sunderland, there are more people with unhealthy lifestyles, more children suffering from obesity and higher unemployment than the National Averages.

Some neighborhoods are showing decline, poor physical environment, higher levels of crime and anti-social behavior.

This has happened over decades of Labour control – vote for change.


Washington West Ward - Kevin Shepherd

A UKIP member and activist for more years than I care to remember, the people of Sunderland, like me, have woken up to what the EU is really about and how the Labour Party has betrayed us by taking our loyal vote for over 40 years for granted.

I'm angry with Labour for betraying Brexit and angry with them for the continuous development of green belt in Washington West and other parts of Sunderland. If we want change, which I do, we must change the way we vote.

Vote UKIP.



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