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    With UKIP and the Brexit Party breathing down the neck of the Conservatives they are faced with a massive dilemma on electing a new party leader. No longer can they elect a same as same as clone of Theresa May following an unending spiral of appeasement as it became abundantly clear that the vast majority of Conservative members are looking for leaving the EU on 31st October on WTO rules.

    The candidates cover the full spectrum of opinions from out and out appeasement represented by Sajid David and Jeremy Hunt to leave candidates like Boris Johnson (can you trust him), Dominic Raab and Esther McVey. The most radical of these is Esther who appears to have the courage to wipe out the existing remain cabinet and install MPs committed to the UK. The real answer would be for the Tories to call a General Election whilst standing only leave supporting candidates but this is probably a step too far albeit the only move that could dent the groundswell of leave UK patriots who see the only way forward as with UKIP or Brexit.

    The formation of the Brexit Party is a betrayal of millions of patriotic Brits.  This "Tory Lite" party has no members and no policies. All the candidates will be hand picked by Nigel Farage and it is purely a vehicle to get one man elected to the European Parliament. They have not declared any intentions to stand in local or national UK elections. The mainstream media are giving them the oxygen of publicity in the hope that it will split the leave vote and let the Tories and Labour in. If these "Tory Lite" candidates do not get elected you will never hear or see them again.

    UKIP is the authentic party of Brexit, the true party of leave.

    Patriotic Brits deserve better so please vote UKIP !  !  !

    UKIP field a top candidate in the North of Tyne Mayoral election on 2nd May

    Born bred and educated in the North East, Hugh served Queen and Country in the armed forces and then went on to work in education, inspiring a new generation of North East students.

    Hugh has extensive experience in local government, has sat on many public committees and chaired the Overview and Security Committee giving him a unique view of the relationship between paid and elected servants of the community.

    Hugh says "I want to make this area the epicentre of engineering and manufacturing excellence for the 21st Century, underpinned by a transport system to match"

    Details of Hugh's campaign can be seen here

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