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    ID Home Truths

    Here we are in April 2021 and there is a huge amount of hysteria at the moment on the subject of IDs but let us cut through the fog and present some clarity

    •  There is a need for national ID to allow the nation to define it's citizens which then allows illegal immigrants and benefit fraudsters to be identified and claims on our system to be controlled
    •  This cannot be a forgeable entity like an ID card or an easily damaged characteristic like a fingerprint but a more robust biometric like Iris pattern
    •  This characteristic ID must be held on a national database with very limited access and scan equipment held only by our police force, social security, NHS, polling stations, border force and Customs

    In this way control of ID would never pass to Pub doormen, Stadium turnstyles, theatre receptions, event entry kiosks etc


    March 2021 News update.

    With 2020 bringing a situation where branch meetings could not be held because of Government regulations, we have seen a significant reduction in members across the region leaving a reorganisation inevitable. There is still a desperate need for a party of the people as we constantly see the major parties paying scant respect for the average man in the street. We intend to re consolidate by dividing the North East into 4 major regions with the aim of building back to branches in every constituency. The North East covers from the Scottish Border down to Yorkshire to the east of the pennines and the four regions will be North Tyne, South Tyne & Sunderland, County Durham and Teesside inc Redcar. The reorganisation is headed up by Richard Elvin who now represents the North East on the National Executive Committee and has the vision and influence to develop the UKIP brand.

    Tonight 18th July 2019 is the big night for UKIP North East as we entertain the 5 leadership candidates who will persuade us that we have a rosy future under their guidance.


    The UKIP Leadership candidates are:

    - Ben Walker

    - Freddy Vachha

    - Helena Windsor

    - Mike Hookem

    - Richard Braine

    All will be attending the North East hustings.

    Date: 18th July

    Time: 7pm

    Venue: Hetton & District Working Men’s Club & Institute (known locally as The Big Club)

    Address: Rear of Richard Street, Hetton le Hole, Houghton le Spring, DH5 9HN


    Candidates to give a 3 minute presentation.

    Audience questions to the candidate  

    Short interval

    Audience to question the candidates collectively

    Questions submitted in advance by email will be given priority. When submitting a question please state if it is for an individual candidate to answer or for all candidates to answer.

    Please bring your membership card with you.


    If you are unable to attend then watch this space for a link to video of the event tomorrow.


    Looks like we are just going to have to continue online for a while until our meetings at branch and regional level can be resumed, so here is hoping that the pubs and clubs hosting our meetings are still in existence.

    There is definitely a need for safeguarding our elderly and susceptible but the one size fits all approach from our government is exposing our institutions to a lot of strain.

    The police are having a field day - They think they have a holiday from fighting crime so that they can concentrate on easy targets and are doing ridiculous things like randomly stopping motorists (always the easiest of targets) and stopping people from escaping city centres and exercising miles from anyone in the country. There is one thing for sure it has proved that we definitely do not have a shortage of police.

    We should concentrate our efforts on safeguarding the vulnerable groups but as far as possible allow the UK economy to function or the cost to us all at the end of the day in lives and welfare will be much worse than the effects of the virus.

    The regional hustings for the North East of England is confirmed to take place on Thursday evening 18th July at The Big Club, Back of Richard St, Hetton-le-Hole, DH5 9HN.

    As well as the candidates that will be announced within the next day or so we are hoping to secure a top North East Speaker to open the event which starts at 7pm with a rousing speech before the hustings starts at 7:30pm.

    We will be sending a personal invite to all UKIP members in the North East and selected guests by invitation


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